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Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Substance Use

Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Substance Use

We all experience trauma in some form during our lives. Bullying, car accidents, or a sports injury are all considered varying types of traumas. Some trauma affects our physical body exclusively, some our psyche, and some traumas affect both. Some types of trauma are...

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The Power of Words: Quotes and Inspiration for Daily Sobriety

The Power of Words: Quotes and Inspiration for Daily Sobriety

There are magic moments where a word or phrase perfectly defines our feelings, gives voice to our thoughts, or embodies our soul’s journey. Finding these words or combination of words can be extremely affirming. Knowing that someone else has been in a similar place...

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Our graduates tell their stories…

When first arriving at St. Gregory I had mixed feelings about the health and wellness workouts. I came in at 136 lbs and didn’t think it was possible to reach...
- Chris
The good life is not merely a life free from addictions, physical and/or psychological—addictions that usually are the outward manifestations of deeper problems—but a life lived in harmonious balance, free...
- Matt
I came to St. Gregory’s at my all-time worst—physically, emotionally, and mentally. Having gone through a bad rehab experience once before, I had been very reluctant in succumbing to that...
- CJ
No matter where I start my thought process when reflecting upon my time before, during and after St. Gregory’s, I always seem to end up in the same place in...
- Kaele


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