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St. Gregory Recovery Center in Bayard, Iowa, is honored to support our military and first responder communities through the Tactical Recovery program.

While alcohol and drug addiction can affect anyone, military and first responder communities are especially at risk. Through our specialized individuals can recover from substance use disorder while building a solid foundation for lasting freedom.

What is Tactical Recovery?

The Tactical Recovery program is unique among addiction treatment centers in that it provides a veteran-focused tract that runs alongside our traditional programming. Our residential treatment provides a safe, structured environment for veterans and first responders who are struggling with a substance use disorder. While at St. Gregory, our clients find recovery in their mind, body, and spirit. Our Program allows guests to cultivate the confidence and strength needed to make the decision to leave behind their drug or alcohol dependency.

In the Tactical Recovery residential program, every day is designed to optimize the time we have with our clients and set them up for success when they leave. Clients can expect some combination of the following:

  • Detoxification, when necessary, with around-the-clock medical monitoring.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, and 12-Step work
  • Individual, group, and family programming
  • Nutritional education and exercise
  • Equine therapy
  • Recovery coaching and life planning 

Partnering with PsychArmor, a national nonprofit educational organization, the St. Gregory’s Tactical Recovery program provides a culturally competent and trauma-informed environment for recovery and healing. Far too often, veterans and first responders do not receive the type of intense treatment provided by people who understand the impact of service.

About St. Gregory

St. Gregory Recovery Center helps clients learn new skills that can empower them to make the positive choices that help them abandon their addictions and lead fulfilling lives. Individuals who are struggling with dependency can learn how to apply their new, positive, decision-making abilities to a variety of situations. In contrast to the cold, clinical environments of most hospital-based drug addiction recovery programs, we offer a warm, caring environment to promote enrichment and learning.

Make the choice today to find the last, permanent recovery with St. Gregory Recovery Center.

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