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“You will be secure, because there is hope.” Job 11:18

Yes, there is hope. It’s what prevents you from giving up when addiction holds you captive. The hope of being free from addiction, of regaining your life, of having peace and joy again — isn’t that your greatest hope? Yet, despite your best efforts, it’s hard to hold onto hope when everything else seems to be crashing down around you. Such is the nature of addiction.

At St. Gregory Recovery Center, we understand. We understand that the first step is the hardest. What’s more, we understand the courage it has taken even to get this far. That’s why we offer not only hope but also as much help as you need. So we take that first step with you, walking side by side. One step at a time, at your pace, we continue the journey with you all the way to completion. You won’t face this alone.

Instead of a 12-step program or weekly meetings with no end in sight, we offer a peaceful and welcoming residential setting where you can face your issues and put them to rest once and for all. Solid biblical principles coupled with sound professional counseling are the structure of our treatment, with Christ’s love and comfort as primary ingredients. As you grow in your understanding of yourself and your relationship with Christ, the healing and the transformation begin.

Chapel at St. Gregory Recovery Center

Providing a place for contemplation, self-reflection and prayer, our chapel is a safe haven from all the cares that beset you, allowing you the space to think and to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. St. Gregory Recovery Center has a chapel at our facility which is available for private prayer and reflection. This quiet and prayerful space is open 24/7 and offer guests the opportunity to alone. This space has been consecrated and are set aside for such prayer and reflection.

Virtue-based Addiction Curriculum

Also key to our Catholic rehab is our virtue-based curriculum which affirms the character traits that lie dormant within you, helping you to reawaken them and become all that God intended you to be. When you reach your goal of lasting sobriety, we’ll be there, cheering for you.

The idea of virtue is one of the oldest human models of how to live excellently and is as relevant today as it was 2,500 years ago. Our program focuses on habit-formation guided by the seven virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope, and love as a means of living a balanced and deliberate life. These virtues apply to all people in all cultures.

Virtue practice and discussion permeates daily life at our facility. Morning seminars begin the day with a focus on virtue, and evening reflection end the day with an examination of how the day went. This focus emphasizes the value of living a deliberate, intentional life and the value of spending time considering how one might live and behave better.


Although we are not affiliated with the Catholic church, we provide Catholic based aspects in our programming. St. Gregory Recovery Center has strong Catholic roots, and out of respect for these roots, we also make the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist available to our guests. These sacraments are not required of our guests, but the opportunity is present and available for anyone who wishes to participate. 

Recovery at St. Gregory Recovery Center

We stand as your friend, providing compassion and encouragement — never accusations or judgment — as you move away from addiction and toward hope and freedom. Equally important, as providers of Catholic rehab, we integrate your faith into all the treatment here. Christ is at the center of everything we do. He is the foundation for real hope, lasting hope and, ultimately, lasting sobriety.

The decision to come to St. Gregory, to end your addiction woes and become whole again is solely yours. When you are ready, we’ll be here, waiting for you.

Recovery starts here:


Our graduates tell their stories…

When first arriving at St. Gregory I had mixed feelings about the health and wellness workouts. I came in at 136 lbs and didn’t think it was possible to reach...
- Chris
The good life is not merely a life free from addictions, physical and/or psychological—addictions that usually are the outward manifestations of deeper problems—but a life lived in harmonious balance, free...
- Matt
I came to St. Gregory’s at my all-time worst—physically, emotionally, and mentally. Having gone through a bad rehab experience once before, I had been very reluctant in succumbing to that...
- CJ
No matter where I start my thought process when reflecting upon my time before, during and after St. Gregory’s, I always seem to end up in the same place in...
- Kaele


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