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Summer Vibes Can Bring Anxiety in Sobriety

Summer is an important time to be active, get all the Vitamin D that you safely can, and relax. But, what happens when you’re newly sober? How can you combat the anxiety that summer vibes might transmit?

For many, these vibes might mean beers, hotdogs, and baseball. For others, the vibes mean the sun, the beach, and hard seltzers. Between all the beer-oriented holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day; the never-ending family barbecues; the music festivals and concerts; and the miscellaneous parties our most extroverted friends throw, May through September can seem like the relapse gauntlet for someone in recovery.

While it’s easy to get bogged down with worries over potential relapse triggers and temptations, remember that no one is perfect and that relapse doesn’t have to result in a permanent return to substance abuse.

Sober Summer Vacation Vibes

Remember, too, that you can turn down any invitation, set time limits to ensure that you leave while still feeling strong, and bring a sober friend for moral support whenever possible. To help you make the most of this summer, we offer six sober summer vacation activities.

1. Tune up that Ear

How long have you been wanting to learn the guitar–or maybe even the banjo? Perhaps it’s the piano or the saxophone that draws your attention. Whatever instrument you may admire, now is the time to pick it up and dedicate time to developing your skills.

…Maybe you’re thinking all of those instruments sound way too hard to learn, but people do it every day! Regardless, if you want to start with easier instruments, try the following:

Glockenspiel (a small xylophone)

2. The Next BBQ Master

Tired of all the BBQs just being an excuse to drink and smoke in a large group? Well, use that annoyance to take initiative and host your own alcohol-free barbecue with the tastiest food and best mocktails in the neighborhood.

Let your guests know the situation beforehand (you can offer a simple explanation about your sobriety). Instead of relying on substances to lighten the mood, have activities available (yard games, tabletop games or puzzles) that give your guests something to do while they’re socializing.

3. Pitch that Tent

Whether pitching a simple tent or opting for the luxurious art of glamping, camping is one of the best ways to disconnect from stress and reconnect with nature. It’s also an excellent opportunity to meditate!

Check out the coolest camping spots in Iowa here!

4. Volunteer

Giving feels good, and time flies when you’re having fun giving back. This summer, check out volunteer opportunities near you.

5. See the Big Picture: Lights, Camera, Action!

What never fails on a hot summer night–or day–is a big air-conditioned theater with surround sound showing the latest Hollywood action adventure. Don’t underestimate the magic of the movies.They’re a great opportunity to get out of the house and into another alcohol-free world.

If you’re feeling extra nostalgic, check out whether there are any outdoor film showings in your area this summer season. Check out this summer’s movies here!

6. Do It for the Kids

If you’re living with children or have friends who do, don’t hesitate to spend time with them this summer. There are many kid-friendly activities that an adult will also enjoy.

You’ll be happy you spent the time, had the laughs, and got your hands a little dirty–and the kids you spend time with will benefit from some time away from a screen.

We’re Always Here to Help

Now that you have a few ideas to generate an awesome sober summer itinerary, don’t forget to contact us today for information about how we can support your sobriety this summer with counseling, meetings, and guidance from all of the professionals at St. Gregory Recovery Center.

Considering dual diagnosis treatment in Iowa? To learn more about programs offered at St. Gregory Recovery Center, call and speak with someone today, at (888) 778-5833.

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