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Many people have achieved addiction recovery through 12-step programs. Despite being a prevalent treatment model, the program doesn’t work for everyone. You might need a different approach to recover from alcohol or drug use. A non-12 step rehab center can provide what you need.non 12 step rehab

What Is a 12-Step Program?

You’ve likely heard of the 12 Steps because they’re famously used by support groups. However, you might not understand exactly what the program is.

Bill Wilson, a co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, designed these spiritual principles in the 1930s. It’s a community-based support program that integrates accountability. It has a spiritual or religious component and encourages reliance on a higher power, usually God.

Support groups use the model for meetings, which are free and open for anyone to attend. Although, some groups have closed meetings for only members. During the meetings, the attendees share their experiences and inspire ongoing recovery in each other.

In general, however, experts don’t lead the meetings. Instead, people who are in recovery themselves typically lead the gatherings. Because of that, the 12 Steps is only a guideline for people with substance use disorders to stay abstinent. It’s not the same as getting expert mental health care.

How Does a Non-12 Step Program Differ?

In the 1930s, experts knew little about the science behind drug addiction. They believed that it involved moral defects in people. Modern advances in neuroscience and psychology, however, have discovered that addiction is the result of changes in the brain. These changes make it impossible for you to control your drug use.

Experts also know now that most people with addiction have other mental health issues. This discovery has led to co-occurring disorder treatment, which addresses both problems at the same time.

These advancements have improved treatments for addiction to offer non-12 step options. Such programs usually take a psychological or scientific approach. Because of that, they can evolve as scientific knowledge and treatments become better.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy and individual therapy are examples of research-based methods.

Also unlike 12-step programs, non-12 step facilities create customized treatment plans for you and integrate a group environment. In most cases, however, they don’t force the group aspect on you until you’re ready to participate. In addition, professionals with the proper education and training lead all activities and therapies during treatment. For this reason, non-12 step programs provide the most comprehensive approach to treating addiction.

Why Seek Non-12 Step Rehab?

Although many rehab centers follow a 12-step approach to treatment, many others offer non-12 step options. These are well-rounded, scientifically proven recovery programs. The expert staff members work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

As part of that, many treatment centers incorporate holistic modalities to complement their evidence-based methods. Holistic care helps you relax during treatment and provides life skills that strengthen your ability to remain abstinent. Some examples include regular exercise, massage, nutrition education and planning, and yoga.

Non-12 step facilities also focus on helping you learn how to rely on yourself to stay sober. To achieve that, they educate you about addiction and how drugs affect your body. They also teach you skills and give you tools to live a healthy life without drugs standing in your way.

Some treatment centers may encourage you to connect with a high power as well. However, they don’t require you to believe in what they do or in anything at all. Their goal is to empower you with medical care, support and other resources. This approach allows you to address physical, emotional and mental challenges on your own after rehab.

Experience the Difference of Non-12 Step Recovery at St. Gregory Recovery Center

Are you looking for addiction treatment for the first time? Have you tried 12-step programs without success? St. Gregory Recovery Center could be the solution to your struggle. We combine vital, research-based techniques into every addiction treatment plan:

Our exclusive residential program includes faith-based rehab treatment. We believe that spirituality and religion are different, however, so we don’t press our religion on you. Instead, we recognize our faith as a resource to help you overcome addiction. Although, we still encourage some form of meditation to help you balance your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

Don’t let alcohol or drugs control your life. Get the help that you deserve today. Reach out to St. Gregory Recovery Center to begin your journey toward recovery.

Recovery starts here:


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