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Podcasts are almost always entertaining, often uplifting, many times educational, and, honestly, great for your mental health. They’re an awesome way to stay connected to others, stimulate your mind, and learn—all while driving, cleaning, exercising, or simply relaxing. 

We’ve chosen the following podcasts for their wide reach into different experiences and perspectives of addiction and substance use disorder (SUD). Apt for men, women, and a variety of situations, the following shows are a treat for the ear, a healthy stimulant for conversation, and a space for recovery support. 

The Addicted Mind Podcast For Science Lovers

Certified therapist Duane Osterlind is the host of The Addicted Mind podcast. We love him for his neurological approach to addiction—which is something we touch on when you participate in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with us. 

Osterline battled addiction and substance abuse in his late teens and received holistic treatment that included both therapeutic and behavioral programs. He’s lived a life of joy, grief, and beauty. He’s an expert in maintaining sobriety and control over his cravings despite life’s hurdles. He’s open about his recovery, his career movements, and the loss of his infant daughter. An expert in psychology and a regular guy with an inspirational recovery story, Osterlind’s podcast revolves around diverse topics such as emotional needs, childcare and pregnancy, biochemistry, human sexual behavior, and more.

If you like podcasts and conversations that blend science, expert opinions, personal experience, and the bigger picture: The Addicted Mind is worth checking out.

Addiction Unlimited: Beating Alcoholism With a Female Entrepreneur

Dropping for a loyal national audience every Wednesday, Addiction Unlimited is hosted by Angela Pugh, a recovering alcoholic, motivational speaker, leader, businesswoman, and recovery coach. She fuses consistency in sobriety, a sense of realism, and personal examples to show people that starting and stopping, trying and failing, and heading back to square one after a relapse are all common situations that you can overcome. 

We like her episodes for their focus on forgiveness, relapse, managing emotions, and going after your dreams as you maintain sobriety. These are all topics that you’ll be able to explore with our outpatient recovery program as our recovery coaches focus on helping you integrate into an alcohol-free lifestyle. It’s also refreshing to hear the perspective and experience of a woman on the show. 

The Sober Guy Podcast For Men Struggling With Alcohol Abuse

This podcast is for all the men who are struggling to find their footing without abusing alcohol. The show’s host, Shane Ramer, battled alcoholism for 17 years before finally getting sober. He’s now made it his professional and personal ambition to guide other men through the process. 

Touching on everyday challenges like having fun and managing stress without alcohol, Shane walks through a world where men are consistently tested and tried—bringing humor, insight, and brotherhood to the table for thousands of fathers, businessmen, friends, brothers, leaders, and sons. 

Mommy Sober Culture Podcasts For Our Moms

This one’s for all the moms out there doing their best to be the best for their families—while multitasking. The Mommy Sober Culture podcast seems to have gained traction in a world where “mommy wine culture” is currently thriving alongside a reported uptick in alcohol use in women and mothers

Mommy Sober Culture is a great tool for combatting a motherhood wine culture that promotes using alcohol to cope with stress of the parenting experience. 

This podcast focuses on moderation, normalizing sober motherhood, and striving to be the best version realistically possible in your day-to-day activities and responsibilities as a mom. 

Addicts Anonymous: Something For Everyone

Hosted by a prominent author and personality, Jim Rachels, Addicts Anonymous features uplifting, informative, and expansive interviews with recovering individuals who have been sober for at least 12 months. The stories are inspirational and diverse, and allow listeners to finally feel like they’re not the only ones. 

Each episode is also a chance to learn a little more about navigating sobriety, especially when the journey has recently begun. We gravitate toward the show because it can often feel like a peer therapy session for patients who enjoyed and found value in our group therapy treatment program. 

Gather Tools For Sober Living With St. Gregory Recovery Center in Iowa

If you’re a client at either of our Bayard or Des Moines locations in Iowa, our staff can offer you ample resources for navigating your recovery journey. Be sure to contact us with any questions or to gather more information today!

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- Kaele


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