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The American Society of Addiction Medicine upholds spirituality as a primary component in motivating and expediting positive change away from substance abuse. Research demonstrates that people with an active spirituality are able to more quickly and more permanently make changes in their lives. Our program provides many opportunities for guests to explore and develop the spiritual aspect of recovery in their own life. While a personal spirituality is a not a requirement, our holistic addiction recovery program offers these elements in service to self-reflection, self-reevaluation, and ― for those so inclined ― spiritual practice.


The idea of virtue is one of the oldest human models of how to live excellently and is as relevant today as it was 2,500 years ago. Our program focuses on habit-formation guided by the seven virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope, and love as a means of living a balanced and deliberate life. These virtues apply to all people in all cultures.

Virtue practice and discussion permeates daily life at our facility. Morning seminars begin the day with a focus on virtue, and evening reflection end the day with an examination of how the day went. This focus emphasizes the value of living a deliberate, intentional life and the value of spending time considering how one might live and behave better.

spiritual aspect of recovery


Available evening meditation and reflection helps our guest focus on extracting lessons from the past and applying them to the present and the future. Such reflections involve setting daily goals for living virtuously and provide the opportunity to evaluate progress on a daily basis.

Cultivating an attitude of mindful and intentional living through reflecting on daily successes and failures sets a precedent of focus on building the habit of personal growth and development. Through this daily reflection, our guests learn to live deliberately and intentionally and so to shape their lives according to their values.

spiritual direction

Significant research demonstrates that having an active spirituality helps people to more quickly and more permanently make changes to their lives. The St. Gregory Recovery Program urges our guests to develop their spirituality as a part of the recovery process.

Chaplains are available at all our facility to provide spiritual direction and counsel to our guests. This optional service is individualized and focuses on exploring spirituality with the guidance of a qualified spiritual director. Many of our guests find themselves reconnecting with a long-abandoned spirituality and see this as a valuable part of our program.

access to chapels

St. Gregory Recovery Center has a chapel at our facility that is available for private prayer and reflection. This quiet and prayerful space is open 24/7 and offers guests the opportunity to spend private time in prayer and reflection. This space has been consecrated and set aside for such prayer and reflection.

St. Gregory Recovery Center has strong faith-based roots, and out of respect for these roots, we also make the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist available to our guests. These sacraments are not required of our guests, but the opportunity is present and available for anyone who wishes to participate.

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