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A Safe, Comfortable Environment: Rehab for Women

St. Gregory Women's Rehab CenterThe issues that come with addictions can be extremely emotional and difficult to confront. This applies especially to women. Self-esteem is created by how we perceive the experiences we encounter in life and how we relate to those experiences. When emotional trauma or other very personal issues are at the core of a woman’s path into addiction, it is of the utmost importance that the environment where these issues are confronted is safe and provides the comfort to work through those issues.

The St. Gregory Women’s Retreat Center is designed to provide this environment.

The Women’s Retreat Center is a place designed specifically to provide a safe, comfortable, and family-like environment to truly explore and gain a better understanding of how to create real, lasting, and positive change.

The advanced women’s rehab program offered by St. Gregory is more effective in aiding individuals to reach their recovery goals. Females who are battling drug or alcohol dependency can find comfort and peace of mind in our addiction recovery programs. Our goal is to help women everywhere find permanent solutions to beating addiction.

The Right Approach to Women’s Rehab

Women who turn to drug or alcohol dependency often feel ashamed and embarrassed. They conceal their problems, fighting a hidden battle, unbeknownst to the world around them. The St. Gregory women’s rehab program counteracts this by empowering individuals to overcome and realize that addiction does not define who they are, but is an obstacle in becoming the very best version of themselves. Our women’s facility provides the therapy and environment necessary for women to learn to make positive decisions that will ultimately allow them to overcome addiction.

How St. Gregory Helps Women Recover

What sets our drug abuse rehab facility apart is our exclusive, advanced, holistic treatment. This truly modern recovery program offers an alternative to 12-step approaches—one that truly works. Our holistic approach incorporates custom nutrition and exercise programs, behavioral adjustment, activities for growth, and community support that continues after your stay. We offer a warm, caring environment that encourages our guests to develop unique methods to take control of their choices and leave their addictions behind.

The St. Gregory program strengthens individuals who feel helpless. A woman can make positive decisions when she uncovers the unique values that matter to her. This allows her to subsequently build immovable inner strength and uncontainable self-esteem.

Our guests’ newfound inner stability is put to practice as they are faced with unique everyday situations and problems that pertain to their lives, now armed with the means to choose positively.

All-Inclusive Rehab for Women

If you are ready to begin your path to recovery, take the next step to St. Gregory’s drug addiction recovery program: Call 888-778-5833 today to make a reservation. The St. Gregory Retreat Centers has given women like you the best opportunity for an addiction-free life.


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