Wilma Leibbrandt

Wilma Leibbrandt

Recovery Life Coach / Alumni Coordinator

Hi,  I am Wilma the Recovery Life Coach / Alumni Coordinator at St. Gregory Recovery Center. I originally started in 2016 and then started as the Recovery Life Coach in 2022. I have a master’s in psychology from the University of Phoenix and later became a SMART Recovery facilitator.

I do what I do to help make a difference in someone else’s life. I enjoy getting to know the clients and working with the alumni in general, especially providing additional support when needed.

The curriculum at St. Gregory’s is unique and gives those who are serious about their recovery all the necessary tools they can use once back in the community.

I was born and raised in the Orange Free State, South Africa. I am a mother of four biological children and two non-biological children.  I have eleven biological grandchildren and two non-biological.  All my children, but one, live here in the USA.  I have one sister who is residing in the southern part of South Africa, near Cape Town.

I am here to help when you need me.  Please do not hesitate to reach out.