Andy Menken

Andy Menken

Director of Utilization Review

Hi, my name is Andy and I am the Director of Utilization Review for St. Gregory’s and Ivory Plains.  I started at St. Gregory’s in 2016. I left for other opportunities but ultimately came back because of my love for the position. I take pride in helping clients to get their maximum length of stay for our clients and then seeing the transformation clients make from admission to discharge.

I attended the University of Northern Iowa for a BSW and achieved my CADC.

God first in every aspect of my life along with 3 amazing children.  My children are all actively involved in multiple sports, vocal music, band, mock trial, dance team, competitive Olympic weightlifting, and church.

Little Fun Facts – Met a US president, my father, and grandfather are veterans, I’m a former probation officer, my best bench press was 535 lbs., saved a child from drowning when I was in college, two of my best friends played in the NFL and was re-baptized ten years ago which was a life-changing event.