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St. Gregory Retreat Centers is fully committed to each of our clients. Our commitment is to ensure each individual seeking help in our centers is offered the most up-to-date, researched and successful techniques and therapies available. This is extremely important to us because we have seen the availability of these approaches underutilized by nearly all other treatment facilities in the world. We are committed to never consider that our program is “good enough”! At the St. Gregory Centers, we understand that we are dealing with lives, not just cases and we must constantly evaluate our services and improve on whatever we can. We are committed to ensure that each person who walks through our doors will be treated with the utmost respect. After all, it’s your life! We are here to help you find the happiness and satisfaction in it that we know you are capable of having.

One of the things that makes us very different from other addiction recovery programs is that we believe in you! A client came to us once and told us of a time he had been in treatment prior to coming to the St. Gregory Retreat Centers and was told “look at the person to your right and to your left and remember that of the three of you, only one of you might make it.” At St. Gregory Centers, we know that each and every one of our clients has enormous value, gifts, purpose and talent. We will never assume that a single person here can’t be successful in recovery.

We are committed to our clients after completing the residential component of our program. Residential alcohol or drug treatment is for learning the tools for a new life, using those tools begins when our clients return home. This can be an uncomfortable period. Facing family members, returning to work or school, confronting new challenges and preparing for a new life are stressful and we are committed to be there to help walk our clients through it. Our Recovery Coaches are available to for 12-months after residential graduation to support, encourage and guide you.

St. Gregory Commitment Program

How The Commitment Program Works

We want to be as committed to your recovery as you are! That is why we have implemented the St. Gregory Commitment Program!

Qualified graduates who have successfully completed the residential portion of the St. Gregory Recovery Program who are struggling with sobriety will be accepted back into the St. Gregory Retreat Centers. At any point within the 12-months following successful graduation from the St. Gregory Recovery Program, graduates may return for a period of 7 weeks at a cost of $1000.00 for privately paying clients and $500.00 for clients covered under health insurance. St. Gregory Retreat Centers will bill health insurance for covered charges for those who have benefits throughout the returning stay. Detox charges are NOT included in the re-admission fee.

To be eligible to participate in the commitment program, graduates must meet the following criteria:

  • Graduate must have successfully completed the residential program at the St. Gregory Retreat Centers;
  • Graduate must have signatures from their recovery coach confirming their Life Plan adequately provides a good foundation for recovery before graduation from the residential program at the St. Gregory Retreat Centers;
  • Graduate must have made contact with their recovery coach at least three out of the last four4 scheduled phone calls prior to re-entry to the St. Gregory Retreat Centers;
  • Graduate must agree to and be current with Urine Analysis submissions to their designated UA lab in their area;
  • Re-entry must be a minimum of 30 days since graduation;
  • Graduate must be re-admitted to the St. Gregory Retreat Centers no more than one week following a second positive UA result unless bed availability prevents this or an extension has otherwise been approved by the St. Gregory Retreat Centers.

Upon request for re-entry, admissions must be notified by the returning graduate’s recovery coach to confirm eligibility. Admissions will then contact returning client to arrange intake. All re-admission fees must be received prior to arrival.

We know that sobriety doesn’t bring happiness, but happiness can bring sobriety. We are committed to help you find your path to true happiness!

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The good life is not merely a life free from addictions, physical and/or psychological—addictions that usually are the outward manifestations of deeper problems—but a life lived in harmonious balance, free...
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I came to St. Gregory’s at my all-time worst—physically, emotionally, and mentally. Having gone through a bad rehab experience once before, I had been very reluctant in succumbing to that...
- CJ
No matter where I start my thought process when reflecting upon my time before, during and after St. Gregory’s, I always seem to end up in the same place in...
- Kaele


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