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Orange County Drug Rehab

Article provided by: oceanhillsrecovery.com

Orange County Drug Rehab

Top Reasons to Choose Ocean Hills Recovery’s Orange County Drug Rehab:

Treatment at Ocean Hills Recovery is unlike anything else you’ll find at another rehab facility. The staff at Ocean Hills is not content in simply treating the physical addiction, but has seen proven results from holistic treatment that takes the whole person into account: body, mind, and spirit. A top priority at Ocean Hills Recovery is to assist each patient in building healthy self worth and self esteem levels by focusing on each patient’s individuality, right from the start of treatment. Treatment is customized to the needs of the patient, rather than trying to address addiction with a template method.

Ocean Hills Recovery’s unique ‘Collaborative Recovery’ method of treating addiction is suited for every stage of recovery and can directly address the needs of patients who have previously attempted to overcome addiction but have not succeeded in their attempts. Of the highest importance is in helping patients find new ways of enjoying life that do not include drugs or alcohol. No other Orange County drug rehab offers the full spectrum of resources and tools that you’ll find available at OHR.

Freedom from addiction is a process that takes time; it starts with detox in a healing and nurturing atmosphere and transitions to inpatient treatment that focuses on relapse prevention. Ocean Hills Recovery believes long term rehab can greatly improve the chances of breaking the chains of addiction, therefore their extended treatment is a powerful tool in achieving lifelong sobriety.

Do you know of any other Orange County drug rehab facility that guarantees long term sobriety? The constant care provided to patients at OHR is designed to prevent relapse. Support is provided at all hours and is able to address severe cravings and emotional stress that is part of finding the path to recovery.

If you’ve come to the realization that a loved one may require more help than you are able to provide for them, it’s time to give Ocean Hills Recovery a call at 866-303-2444. If someone you care about refuses to get help for a drug problem, an intervention may be necessary. Through intervention, family and friends of the addicted individual will have the opportunity to tell the person how their addiction is affecting their life or their relationship to them. This is the perfect time for each person at the intervention to ask the addict to accept treatment.

OHR provides a wide range of therapies and treatment programs for drug addiction, including group therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing, and holistic treatments like massage and yoga. Life skills training is a large part of what Ocean Hills Recovery offers, along with programs designed to help patients stay clean and sober.

Feel free to take advantage of the free resources located on the Ocean Hills Recovery website, including informative articles, information on insurance, and detailed information on services offered at the Orange County drug rehab. Start your recovery today by calling 866-303-2444.

Orange County Drug Rehab