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drug recovery programs Arizona

Article provided by: Scottsdale Recovery Center

Strategies To Staying Clean After Successful Drug Recovery Programs In Arizona

For addicts, completing drug recovery programs in Arizona is just the start of a new journey. The challenge now is how to stay clean. Drug recovery is a process with no terminal date. Recovering addicts need to understand that.

This makes the unstructured post-rehab process as important as the treatment itself. Integrating back into society comes with a lot of challenges. Many recovering addicts fail along the way.

The stats for recovering addicts who relapse back to using are very grim indeed. Many studies show that about 40-60% of former addicts start using again in one form or the other. Other studies give a higher figure than that.

Clearly, the post-rehab phase is just as tough. What can recovering addicts do to stay clean after leaving the supervised environment of a rehab center? These are some of the steps recovering addicts can take to make the transition from a rehab center to the larger community successful.

1) Change friends if necessary

Peer pressure is one of the biggest reasons people go back to their old habits. For recovering addicts, their journey to staying clean must include discarding old friends still using drugs.

This is the time to make new friends. And their lifestyle must exclude anything that brings one in close proximity to hard drugs. Staying away from drugs and influences that may lead to having access to drugs is important in staying clean.

2) Move to a different place

Moving to a new neighborhood or city is never easy especially since it would involve quite a bit of money. But moving is a very good strategy to staying away from drugs.

Here is why.

The old neighborhood or city is full of painful and negative reminders. A recovering addict doesn't need the added pressure of such reminders so soon.

Besides, going back to the same area would expose the addict to bad influences such as former friends and dealers in the area. So it is important that when drug recovery programs in Arizona are over, patients should not to return to homes or neighborhoods that are full of drugs.

3) Consistent Appointments with counselors

The best drug recovery programs in Arizona have an open door policy for patients after the treatment. This means, though formal treatment is over, patients can come in anytime for help.

This is not compulsory. Patients must decide on their own whether they need it or not. But it is advisable for patients to take up that option. Then stick to a regular schedule of seeing their counselors.

This is important as progress can be measured by the professionals and encouragement given to patients. These appointments help patients deal with several issues related to living an independent, drug-free life once more.

4) Find and Join a nearby Support Group

Many drug recovery programs involve the use of support groups. These programs are an important prop for addicts as they seek to regain control of their lives.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are two of the well-known groups. Their value cannot be over-estimated. New, fruitful and sometimes life-long relationships can be made there. These would provide balance and stability as patients grapple with post-treatment recovery.

Support groups help patients feel less alone in their bid to maintain sobriety. They also offer a continuing education about drug addiction to patients. It is well known that knowing more about drug addiction and related issues is an invaluable resource for patients.


Drug recovery programs in Arizona are just part of a continuing process that doesn't stop after treatment. Recovering addicts must be made aware of the pitfalls that can make them relapse.

To avoid being a part of the grim statistics above, patients must feel free to talk to professional counselors at any time. More guidance on what to do after rehab would be given.


drug recovery programs Arizona

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