Christian Rehab Programs

Christian Rehab Programs

Scientific studies show that individuals that choose a faith based (Christian) approach to addiction recovery tend to be more apt to stay away from relapse and stay sober. The Christian rehab programs at St Gregory Retreat Center is actually composed of expertly skilled clinicians that care, and are actually dedicated Christians. Individuals in recovery and their families could be sure that our protocol won’t conflict with the teachings. Our professional and compassionate staff members are focused on offering Christ-centered counseling and sound mental practices throughout the healing process. We offer individualized care and group therapy for treating the whole person physically, spiritually and psychologically.

At St Gregory Retreat Center, we have over twenty years of experience when it comes to healing the body and the mind, and together, this is the key for a successful and long term complete recovery from the grips of addiction. Our Christian rehab programs focus on the recovery process, and this gives our clients the faith and hope that they require, so that they can deal with what’s facing them while they are with us. Other rehab facilities stray from some of the most important concepts in recovery, by placing their focus more on the client’s surroundings. Although our environment is clean and comfortable and well received, it is not the main aspect of our rehabilitation.

Across all the religions and beliefs, faith and prayer are actually inseparable. Prayer is an essential component of each individual’s relationship with God. At St Gregory Retreat Center, we believe in the strength of prayer, and everyone is given time every day for reflections, prayer, study and devotions. Each person chooses his or her personal type of prayer, so this time offers them the chance to enhance their connection with God. Receiving attention for drug or alcohol abuse is actually a positive choice and must be encouraged and supported. If a person commits to getting sober and clean, a strong Christian care center support network can help ensure success and reduces the danger of relapse.

While individuals who have a Christian belief might be most attracted to a Christian program of recovery, Christian rehab for alcohol and drug addiction is actually ready to accept all. Numerous addicts, although not committed Christians, are actually wondering about these types of programs. Christian rehab centers could be the place to start establishing your brand new, sober life with God. Generally, you are going to begin learning who God is, and the way a relationship with Him can easily set you free. Then, we take these beliefs and further enhance them with the required medical treatment, for an amazing result.

If you would like some additional information regarding our one-of-a-kind Christian rehab programs, St Gregory Retreat Center would like to invite you to visit our website. At, you can find our more about our unique and effective rehab programs. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, or you can call us at 888.778.5833, and speak with one of our caring and knowledgeable staff members.

Christian Rehab Programs
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